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Cork Flooring Black Friday Sales Coming!!!!! Sustainable, Soundproof!

Cork Flooring Black Friday Sales Coming!!!!! Sustainable, Soundproof! Naturally Thermal and Sound Insulation!

Take on a cork floor today. Create in your home a space that is not only functional but classy and earth-friendly too.

Cork will help you achieve this first by one of the few flooring materials that is naturally sustainable. How is that possible, because cork is made from the bark of the cork oak tree. Only the bark is stripped from the tree, the rest is left to regenerate safe and undamaged. The bark product is then put through a manufacturing process that is geared to follow its green signature as well, using or adding only components that continue to carry that green mark. Cork carries a ‘green’ certificate from start to finish, so you know you’re using a great product.

Classy is cork’s name. With new advancing technology, cork flooring can be created to mimic many different surface textures. Want the traditional look of hardwoods, or maybe the high end appeal of marble, cork is able to do that. So go crazy.

Still, the reason cork should be your flooring is its functionality. Cork floors do the job on several different levels, providing a versatility that few other materials can compete with. Thermal and sound insulation. Water, mold and mildew resistant. A fire retardant. Those a just a few of cork’s natural attributes.

With cork, you’ve got a flooring material that does multiple jobs. Which means less cost for more output. Visit us at and browse our selection of flooring designs and styles. We’ve got glue-down tile flooring, or if you’re looking for something less labour intensive, then go with our Uniclic system floating floors. It’s your choice. Not only that, talk with our knowledgeable staff or visit our well-informed website to address any question or concern you may have. We carry tiles and planks in varying thicknesses, be it 3mm up to 12mm. Find the one that best fits you.

Top that off with the fact that we are the distributor, and you’re looking at receiving all our cork floors at direct-to-you prices. This means you are getting the very best in cork flooring without the middleman prices. Quality product minus expensive overhead. And as we work directly with the manufacturer, we not only know our product but the very institution of cork itself.

Want a sample, no problem. We highly recommend that customers make purchasing decisions after having seen and touched our sample pieces. We carry plenty of stock, so when you are ready to buy, we are ready to ship. It is that easy. Visit our website to order your free samples – and only ask $7 (5-6 samples) to pay the USPS cost of shipping your parcel.

As we oversee our own warehouse, we are able to ship next business day OR SOONER! For the average order, we have everything ready to ship within 1-3 business days. Not only that, we offer shipping discounts on full priced flooring. We’ve worked hard to find the best rates possible for you so don’t hesitate to ask for shipping quotes.

As our company is located in Kent WA, so we only apply Washington state tax to floors sold and delivered to WA state residents. All other states are tax exempt. So you’ll find savings here as well.

Call or visit our website today.

iCork Floor LLC.

Toll Free: 1-888-988-2675, 1-877-998-1198,

½” (12mm) Thickness x 12-inch W x 36-inch L Uniclic cork floating flooring

White leather
½” (12mm)Thickness x 12-inch W x 36-inch L Uniclic cork floating flooring ¼” (6mm) 12”x24” glue down cork tiles

Taupe Leather 11mm
7/16” (11mm) Thickness x 12-inch W x 36-inch L Uniclic Floating cork flooring

Sunny Ripple
7/16”(11mm) x 8”x36” Uniclic beveled edges floating cork flooring

7/16”(11mm) x 8”x36” Uniclic beveled edges floating cork flooring

25”/64” (10mm) x12”x24” Uniclic Floating cork flooring

Barn Wood
13”/32” (10.5mm) x 8 1/4″ x 47 1/4″ Fusion Uniclic Floating cork flooring

Pine Wood:
13”/32” (10.5mm) x 8 1/4″ x 47 1/4″ Fusion Uniclic Floating cork flooring

Blonde Bamboo
1/4-inch Thickness12-inch W x 24-inch L cork glue down tiles:

5/16-inch Thickness12-inch W x 24-inch L cork glue down tiles:

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